Crippled Fox - More Thrash​!​!​! More Fun​!​!​!

by knochentapes


01 real skatecore is crossover thrash
02 bandana thrash
03 i hate ignorants in the pit
04 get up!
05 praise on a tombstone
06 bully, fuck you!
07 shradders of death
08 injustice
09 ivan mentality
10 more fun! more thrash!
11 bende milano
12 love has no gender
13 question everything
14 unheard screams
15 fuck your labels and your primitive mind
16 slam the streets
17 you hate, i hate, who's gonna win?
18 good old fashioned stagedives rules
19 poser hardcore wannabe
20 war (fast version)


released November 27, 2014



knochentapes Bielefeld, Germany

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